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8 Alexa features for watching the Big Game on Feb. 2

Apr 10th 2022, 12:24 am
Posted by stuartgula
Track and manage your fantasy football teams Use Alexa as your personal assistant that knows everything about what's going on in sports. You'll then need to login to your Yahoo account and link your Head-2-Head league to the skill.  Start by enabling the Yahoo Fantasy Football skill in the Alexa app. Get updates on your favorite team Keeping track of your beloved teams can be difficult when you've got a busy schedule. Now you can say "Alexa, what's my sports update?" to hear the latest info.

In the Alexa app, open Settings and select Sports. Tap Add a Team, search your team and tap Save. Fortunately, Alexa can help keep you updated so you never miss any news. When the dust settles, the film aims for a happy ending. The original players made millions. When you beloved this article as well as you would like to acquire more information about yes8thai แทงบอลออนไลน์ generously pay a visit to the web site. One investor, a nurse, became a millionaire. It's always cool when players beat the house. But the fact she was in that situation clearly shows the system is broken. And you have to cheer for the cancer patient, checking her stock prices in the doctor's room, who bet her life savings in the hope she could raise the dollar price assigned to her actual life.

The ending even references Ocean's 11 as our heroes finally meet, in (where else?) Las Vegas. And the wicked hedge funds lost billions. In a movie, you want the plucky underdogs to win. And Spectrum video and broadband customers to get an extended free trial to Peacock, thanks to a deal with parent company Charter Communications. Qualified Spectrum TV customers get a year-long free trial, and qualified Spectrum internet customers get 90 days.  People with free accounts can watch the first episode of Yellowstone's first season, but none of the others.  Peacock already has the first three seasons available to stream.

With the exception of one episode, all of Yellowstone is reserved for people on either of the paid, premium tiers. But its chief strength is its wide-ranging interviews with the ordinary folk who started the whole thing by backing GameStop's ailing business. And despite that fast turnaround it does a solid job of explaining the whys and wherefores of a complicated financial phenomenon known as a "short squeeze," through a barrage of news clips and social media coverage of the event.

To its credit, the documentary comes out almost exactly a year to the day since the whole thing went down in January 2021. Demystifying GameStop Rise of the Players is directed by Jonah Tulis, who previously made the excellent Console Wars. These details may seem minor to anyone aside from the most dedicated gamers, but they bring a degree of immersion that's unattainable unless you shell out more money for better hardware, be it through consoles or a PC.

The Rams insist Gurley is healthy, but what will his role be against the Patriots? Will he regain his lead back status or do more peddling on the sidelines than running between the tackles? It'll be interesting to monitor Gurley's usage in the early going of Super Bowl 53. In theaters now, the film does a decent job telling the story but stops short of asking the big questions about society, finance and greed.

Beginning with striking shots of Wall Street decked in American flags, new documentary GameStop: Rise of the Players depicts the GameStop story as a quirky David versus Goliath fable.

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